Hello everyone!!

On Monday morning we landed in Madrid, Spain (8:30am- Spain time, 2:30am-American time). I was exhausted…especially after barely getting any sleep the night before leaving, and then getting close to none on the plane! Kayla and I (my roommate in Spain and friend from St. A’s) made it through customs easily, but had some trouble finding the baggage claim. Turns out you have to take a mini-metro that runs in the airport to get there…who knew!? We also had to take a shuttle bus to the opposite side of the airport to meet the study abroad directors. This whole process took us almost 2 hours!! The Madrid airport is huge!! But we finally met the directors and boarded the bus to the hotel in downtown Madrid!

This is a picture of our plane flying into the sunrise over Portugal.


After arriving in the hotel, Kayla and I crashed for a whopping 3-hour siesta! After resting a bit, we were hungry and ready to explore! Here’s a taste of what we experienced on our first night in Spain.


Our hotel room!


View from hotel window!


Beautiful building across the street from our hotel!


Of course we had to try some Spanish food! This restaurant was close by the hotel and we went with some new friends from our program!



Spanish omelet for dinner! (Eggs, potatoes and peppers) Very popular here…they eat it for both breakfast and dinner!


After a late meal, we went back to the hotel to go to bed. It was a long and chaotic day (to say the least) but it has only gotten better from there! I am now in Seville in my host family’s apartment! (That is why I can finally post: good wifi!) Stayed tuned for more posts about Orientation, our next day touring Madrid, and then our trip to Toledo on Wednesday. Beautiful pictures to come!! I will try to post again tonight!

Much love! xoxo