Hi everyone!!

Yesterday was my first day of classes at the University of Seville! This is a picture of my school from the outside! It is hard to really capture it because it is SO BIG! The University used to be an old tobacco company in the 15th century, but was changed into a University sometime in the 16th century. If anyone knows about the Opera “Carmen”, she worked in the tobacco factory that is now the University of Seville!! Very famous and historical building in our city! So like most old buildings (ex. Alumni Hall at St. A’s), the main building for the University of Seville is incredibly hard to navigate.



Now let me tell you how my first day of classes went!! For a city that never really experiences rain, it happened to be raining for my first day of school! It takes Kayla and I about 40 minutes to walk from where we live to get to school! This may seem like a very long time (in the rain it is) but for most Spanish people in Seville, this is average. (And on nice days, we don’t mind it!) We left our house a little past 8 and made it to the school in good timing! However, what we didn’t realize was how long it would actually take us to find our classrooms!!

Yup, that’s me, lost on my first day of school!! I felt like a freshmen all over again! Honestly, I was afraid to ask directions too, since I was surrounded by mostly Spanish students and Professors!

Luckily for me, Spanish Professors are usually late to class so when I finally found the room at 9:00 am, the professor was still not there! However, two classes were scheduled for the same room, so we were moved to another room! (Hopefully I can find this new room on Wednesday…)

My first class is titled “Progressive Spanish for English Speaking Students” and is taught in Spanish. It is a mix of conversation, grammar and review of vocabulary. I am excited because the Professor told us that this class will help us to better communicate with others while in Spain! This class runs 9am-11am.

Then at 11:00am, I have the Contemporary History of Spain, which is also taught in Spanish! (4 hours of Spanish in a row…crazy I know!) This class seems very interesting and the Professor is very funny. (They don’t give you a “transition” time in between classes like they do in the US)

After this class, I have a two hour break, where I trek 40 minutes back home for lunch (which is their big meal of the day) and then back to school for class at 3:00. It took me almost a half an hour to find classroom 17 (XVII)!!  I found room 18…and room 16 on the second floor…but no 17!!! FINALLY, I found it on the first floor (who does that?!!).

My two afternoon classes are taught in English and are actually by the same Professor! My 3:00-5:00 class with her is called “Politics on the Big Screen: Film as Propaganda”. It seems very interesting and I’m excited because we are going to watch older films and war advertising from WWI, WWII and the Cold War, which has always fascinated me! My second class with her, which runs from 5:00-7:00 (long day, I know) is US-European Relations Since WWII. This is a contemporary history class, and we lead right up to modern day views of the US and Europe’s relationship,

Although on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have 8 hours of class and over 2.5 hours worth of walking…it is worth it because I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off! Our Study Abroad Program also makes sure we have Fridays off as well so we can travel around easier! Can’t wait to have 4-day weekends!

Now, I could probably talk a lot more about my classes (or how difficult it is to find them) but instead, let me show you around my beautiful and old University!!


This is what you see when you walk through the first entrance. My school is very open, and has a great deal of patios in the center of it. I will show you pictures walking straight through the University to the other side!


One of the outdoor patios in the middle of my school.


Since it is such an old building, and many of the patios are openly connected to the school, it is very cold!! Also, a bird flew by me on my way to class the other day in one of the hallways!!


The inner most patio!


The last patio!



And now we are on the other side of the school!! Now for some pictures just walking around my school!




Kind of feels like a museum, right?


These are the doors to the classrooms!! So huge! (“Aula” means classroom)

I wish I took a picture looking down one of the long hallways! I will try to remember to do that when I get better acquainted with the school! Wish me luck for trying to re-find my classes on Wednesday!! Hope you enjoyed the tour of my old (& confusing) school! xoxo