This Sunday, my friends and I had the chance to explore Seville on our own. One of my favorite places here is the Plaza de Espana, so I thought I would dedicate an entire post to it’s beauty!! The first time I walked through the Plaza was actually on Saturday, when our study abroad directors were showing us around the city! I cannot describe the feeling of coming across such an incredible sight…..it is truly breathtaking!


We visited the Plaza a second time on Sunday, late afternoon. Although it is dusk, the sunset makes the Plaza seem magical! You may recognize some of these images, since the Plaza de Espana is the picture at the top of my blog page! Everything about this place is magnificent, and like I’ve said before, the pictures do not do it any justice!! I actually got the chills when I stood in the middle of the Plaza.


Now, you may be wondering a bit about this grand plaza? It’s actually not as old and historic as the rest of the sights in Seville, but it blends in well with the city! It was built in the 1920’s for the Ibero-American Exhibition World’s Fair. This was made to host this event and was used to showcase technology and inventions from country’s all across the world, including the United States. Today, it is used as Seville’s “Town Hall” and where other government offices are located.


Even the stones along the Plaza are beautifully designed!!





Along the main building, there are benches and paintings on the marble that represent different cities and regions throughout Spain! They are so intricate and beautiful, you could spend all day looking at them all!!





My darling roommate and amiga!

group pic

A great shot of mis nuevas amigas (new friends)!!

From left to right: Me, Kristina, Jess, Allie, Kayla and Stef! These girls are all so sweet & very funny! We were all on the same flight from JFK to Madrid, but didn’t know it at the time! Then all of our hotel rooms were right next to each other! It’s fate that we were to become friends!


And lastly, a nice picture of me (all smiles) posing in Plaza de Espana…. I’ve got a great group of friends to explore Spain with, an amazing roommate who is always there for me, a Spanish phone that helps me find my way when I am lost and some beautiful sights surrounding me daily. Most importantly, I am happy I have found a rhythm here. I am beginning to enjoy my long walks, speaking the Spanish language and trying new food. All is well here in Seville, and I’m excited for the adventures that lie ahead of me! xoxo