It’s official, I’ve caught the travel bug! Living in Seville has made me realize how incredibly beautiful and incredibly different our world really is. With that being said, my friends and I were eager to plan some weekend trips!

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There is this great travel group called “Discover Seville” that takes study abroad students on weekend excursions! My friend who had studied abroad here before recommended this group to me and almost every study abroad student here seems to know about it also!!

Not only do they take students on excursions, but they also have a really good deal called a “VIP Seville Card” that is 15 Euro and allows you to get into specially hosted parties/clubs/bars without paying a cover charge. Cover charges here can range from 8-10 Euros for one night (not to mention the costs of drinks). If we go out twice, this card basically pays for itself! (We also get a tank top with the card that says “VIP Seville” on it!!) They also have deals on certain nights of the week where you can get a free beer or free sangria at certain places when you show your card! I’m very excited about this investment!

Now that you know a bit about this group, I have some exciting news!! Like I said before, I’ve caught the travel bug…and next weekend is my first trip!!! Guess where I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day?! (You’ll never guess…) Africa!!! Crazy I know! My friends and I are going on a weekend trip to Morocco (Feb 14th-16th), which is actually very close to Seville! We are traveling with over 100 other study abroad students through Discover Seville! It is about a one hour bus ride to the coast, a short ferry ride and we’re in Africa! There is one price for the whole trip, which includes all transportation costs, a 4-star hotel (with Wifi), excursions to different cities with tour guides…and my favorite part…WE GET TO RIDE CAMELS ON A BEACH!! I just think that is so awesome! Now, I know this trip seems crazy, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am traveling with a safe program, so don’t worry too much about me (Nana and Papa).


To see what is included in the trip, as well as a video of what we will be doing…check out the link to the website!!

Not only does Discover Seville offer a great weekend trip to Morocco, they offer an amazing beach getaway trip to Lagos, Portugal!! Although this trip is not as historic as my other travels might be, it’s going to be a blast! We booked Lagos for the first weekend in April (4th-6th) which will probably be the last trip we are able to take! (One last hoorah before we head back to the States!) They take you to some different beaches, give you wristbands to get access to the night clubs, and even take you to “The End of the World”, which is a cliff that you watch the sunset over the water from (a long time ago, they thought this was literally, the end of the world). I’m excited for a weekend of relaxing on beautiful beaches! This is definitely more of a “party/fun” trip, than an “educational” one…but hey, I think I deserve it! And hopefully I will come back with a tan!!


To see information about what I’ll be doing on this trip, and a video of the beautiful beaches I will be escaping to…Check out this link! (No promises you won’t be jealous!!)

Lastly, since Discover Seville is so awesome, we are also going on a day trip with them to Cadiz, Spain for “Carnaval”!! Now, Spain has two really famous festivals…one is Feria (which is in May in Seville…and we will be missing it!) and the other is Carnaval of Cadiz (which we are definitely not going to miss out on!!).  Honestly, I’m not truly sure what this whole 2-week celebration in Cadiz is all about, but I’m excited to find out! Seems like one big costume party?! I can’t wait!!

Where is Cadiz you may be wondering? South of Spain, along the beach!! Gorgeous city, one of the oldest in Spain!


Since we are going on both the Morocco and Lagos trip with Discover Seville, the trip to Carnaval is free for us! (So obviously we can’t pass this up!) Apparently we leave for this trip around 6:00pm on Saturday evening, and come back around 4:00am!!! Fiesta!!! For more information about this, check out the link below!

Now, after seeing all these awesome things, I hope you haven’t caught the travel bug too! But if you have, and you’re planning on studying abroad…definitely check out Discover Seville!!

One week until Morocco & camel riding!! Don’t worry, I promise I will post lots of pictures! Mostly of the camels though. Can’t wait! xo