Hi everyone!!

I’ve noticed I’ve gotten some new followers to my blog recently which is very exciting! So welcome, and thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Yesterday, I had to the chance to wander the gorgeous streets of Seville with Kayla. We were particularly interested in checking out the Cathedral that Seville is famous for: “Catedral de Santa Maria de la Sede”


Now, like I have said before, my pictures do not do Seville justice, especially this Cathedral. My camera cannot capture how massive and grand it is!! (Although, the panoramic feature is very good!) The Seville Cathedral is the 1st largest gothic cathedral, and actually the 3rd largest Church in the world. The detail on this Cathedral is incredible. We walked around the whole thing, simply in awe.  Let me share some pictures so you can see what I mean!!









This is “La Giralda” which was once a minaret back when the Arabs conquered Spain, but was later converted into a bell tower for the Cathedral. (A minaret is a distinctive tower feature usually attached to a mosque). This is what you can see from the bridge across the river in all of my pictures! It is massive and incredibly hard to take a picture of!! (I had to sit down on the ground and look up to try and capture it all in this picture!! Talk about dedication to my blog, huh??)



Hard to tell in the lighting but that’s me!! I look so small compared to the enormous Cathedral looming over me!!



This is a picture of the Cathedral in the distance. Remember I showed you pictures of the trolly lines that run through “El Centro”? You can see the “trolly” (looks more like a subway/metro car) coming in the distance! Also, mopeds are crazy here and drive wherever they want!


After venturing in and out of some shops, purchasing a few post cards and staring at the Cathedral all morning, it was time for us to head home for lunch! Of course, the river is beautiful as always so we had to take some pictures!



I still cannot get over how beautiful everything is here, even something as simple as my walk home!!

Since it was such nice weather, after lunch we decided to head back out to do some shopping and meet up with friends! Before we knew it, the sun was setting and the Cathedral was all lit up!! You know what that means…more pictures!!



Little me!!


& Kayla!!

We are so small in comparison to the Cathedral!!! Maybe these picture helps show how large it really is!




Now before I finish this post, I’d like to leave everyone with a piece of advice I learned the hard way! Flats are not appropriate shoes for spending the day wandering around the city!! No matter how comfy you think they are, just don’t do it!! I will spare you the picture I took of my bloody ankles as proof, but take my word for it! I learned the hard way!! After lunch I bandaged them up and changed into my boots before heading back out!

We ended our day with some drinks in one of our favorite places “Cien Montenditos”. Nothing like a mug of Sangria (or “Tinto” as they call it) to finish off an amazing day! xoxo