Hello everyone!!

As many of you know, this past weekend I traveled to Morocco with a travel program called Discover Seville. It was the most incredible trip!!! I had a great time.


Before I go into too much detail about my trip, I want to explain a few things about Morocco. It is in Northern Africa and one of the three countries that touches both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic (the other two being France and Spain). The country is part-mountains and part-desert. The most common language in Morocco is Arabic and their religion is Islam. They have a King in Morocco who is widely well respected.


Now, I must warn you that I took over 300 pictures this weekend…it was just so beautiful! Since we did so many different things, I am going to try to break up some of my posts about Morocco! I will use this post as an introductory post to talk about our overall trip and itinerary.

We left Seville on Friday at 4:00pm on busses. We traveled 2+ hours (with stops at rest areas) to the coast. In Tarifa, Spain we were able to catch the 8pm ferry to Morocco! P1000977

The ferry was unexpectedly large, and we actually took the two busses with us to Morocco!


The ride across the Strait of Gibraltar was anything but smooth! Even after taking a motion sickness pill, we all were feeling a little sick. But after a 40 minute ride, we had arrived in Tanger, Morocco!! Touchdown Africa!


From there, we drove another hour to our hotel: “La Paloma”. Many things in Northern Africa are Spanish because Spain had a great presence their for a long time. A lot of Moroccans speak Spanish!


It was very late when we arrived at the hotel, but the staff welcomed us outside with music and dance!


Then we immediately sat down for a three course meal! We weren’t finished eating until almost midnight!



A spicier form of chicken soup, very good!


Chicken, onions and kous-kous.


And for desert, a cake that said “Happy Valentine’s Day” on it!!



Some pictures of my beautiful Valentine’s Day dates…Allie and Jess!


& my roomie!!

For some reason, Stef got a balloon that said “Happy Birthday” on it…


And then it popped…


After a very delicious meal and some fun with friends, we were able to head up to our rooms for some sleep!!


The rooms were very nice & the beds were so comfortable!!

That about sums up our first day of traveling! It was certainly a long journey, but worth all the long bus rides! The Discover Seville tour guides played movies for us on the bus. I still can’t believe I spent my Valentine’s Day in Africa!!

The next two days were incredibly busy. I will be writing 3 more posts about my trip to Morocco. Here is a little preview of what is to come…

My next post will be about our adventures in Chefchaouen, the “blue & white city”…bargaining with locals for goods & hiking up to a mosque!


I will also write a post about my experience riding a camel!!


And lastly, I will write a post about the artsy, beach town of Assilah!!


As you can see it was a very busy weekend for us. It was really nice that everything about the trip was planned and included for us, tours, food and transportation! It was well worth it and I recommend going to Morocco through Discover Seville to anyone planning on studying abroad in Spain!

Stay tuned to hear the details about my adventures in Africa and see some really amazing pictures!! xoxo