Uh oh…guess what day it is? GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS.


Happy Hump Day everyone!! I am back once again to share some pictures from my weekend in Morocco! My favorite part of the trip was when we got to ride camels near the beach!! Check out the awesome pictures I got of me & my new friends, and our stunning view!!


We traveled to the West Coast of Morocco to the ocean! This happens to be where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic! The beaches were so beautiful and untouched! It’s hard to tell in my pictures but you could see the different colors of the two waters merging together!!




Hola from the West Coast of Africa!!!!!


Now for the good stuff!!! Meet my friend humpty (I named him myself). He’s a BABY CAMEL. (Not that small though for a baby…) We got to pet him and the other baby camel while we were waiting to ride the adult ones!


Mi amigo!!!



Camel selfies!!Smile humpty!


As you can probably see, I was really excited!!


Me and my new boyfriend…Sorry Mark (;


After taking a lot of pictures with my new friends, it was finally my chance to ride one! It was about a 10-15 minute ride around. Half of our friends went and then the other half went so we could take pictures for each other!! (We all went in groups of 5)


I had to be given a boost to get onto my camel!!


Finally made it up!!! The camels are so tall!




Casual camel trot…on the beach…in Africa!


Honestly, riding a camel was not what I expected it to be! (Not really sure what I expected…) Surprisingly, I wasn’t really afraid of the height, I was too excited! When my camel started walking I was a little shocked at first! It felt like I was riding a horse because I was going up and down as if the camel was running! (But he was just walking!!) For the first 2 minutes, I couldn’t stop laughing!!! My friend Kristina was on the camel next to me and I remember she looked over at me and said, “We’re riding camels…in Africa right now!!!” I couldn’t believe it! I probably laughed the whole ride!! It was exhilarating!

Finally, when we were getting closer to the group who were taking pictures of us, the guides who were leading the camels told us to let go and put our hands in the air!! I thought, ‘I can’t let go, I’m so high up I’m going to fall off this camel!!’ But after .3 seconds of fear, I just decided to let go!!! It was amazing!

Happy Hump Day everyone!



“It’s pretty simple. Adventure is what you make of it. And whether it is the travel, the discovery, or just the feeling of letting go…the only way you’ll ever find out is to get out there and do it.”

amanda camel pic