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Hello again! As I mentioned in my previous post, last night, my friends and I headed off to Cadiz to spend the night at Carnaval. Cadiz is a beautiful city, in the South of Spain that sits right on the beach! It was decorated with lights and signs all over downtown!

What is Carnaval you may be wondering? I myself, am actually still wondering…(and I spent a night there!)

Basically, it is a two week long celebration…with performances by groups who sing witty songs, contests and other events! Saturday night of Carnaval (the night we went) everyone wears costumes!! The crazier, sillier and more outrageous-the better! I noticed that a lot of men will cross-dress as women, or dress like babies. I saw some pretty creative outfits! Unfortunately, Kayla & I were on a budget, so here’s what we went as!


We were fairies, or “hadas” in Spanish. We wore white tights and tutu’s, put flowers in our hair & painted our faces!! It was cheap and easy, but still very fun!


Fairy makeup & hair!!


My other (crazy) friends…Jess & Kristina went as nerds, Stef went as a Discover Excursions tour guide (the group of people we went with) and Allie went as a vampire!

Since I didn’t bring my camera to Carnaval, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. It was hard to capture the amount of people dressed up and in the streets!



People…everywhere!! Drinking, singing and hanging out in the streets….all…night…long.

Carnaval was certainly a crazy experience!! We arrived in Cadiz at 7:30pm and our bus didn’t leave until 3:00am to go back to Seville! It’s hard to keep up with the Spanish, who are used to partying until 5-6am on weekends! My friends and I just barely made it to 3:00am! By the time we got back to Seville, and made it to our beds…the birds were chirping good morning!!


Although it was a long night, Carnaval was certainly an experience unlike any other. This country is so full of life and their celebrations truly show that. Again, I am so blessed to be living here! xoxo