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Hey guys!

So you’ve all been following along on my study abroad journey, following me from country to country, enjoying a culture and history lesson…but what about all the stuff you didn’t see?? You might be wondering what I was doing when I wasn’t jetting off to Paris and London! Well, I decided to do a little fun post, so maybe this will help answer that question. (P.S. This might be my favorite post yet!!)

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Study Abroad: Behind the Scenes Edition!

What did I occupy my time with during the weeks and (few) weekends I was in Seville?? Well to begin…I had classes. Yes, that’s right, there’s actually “studying” involved in study abroad. Monday and Wednesday I sat through 8 hours of class, but I had all other days off, so it worked out! In all honesty, I rarely had a lot of work to do…some exercises for my Spanish class, a short reading and maybe a brief paper here and there, but nothing compared to what school is like back home! So if I wasn’t in class…or doing homework…then what??

Let’s see…while in Sevilla I spent my time hanging with my host family and friends as much as possible. And what do Spanish people do when they’re together? Eat and drink of course! And when I wasn’t doing those things with my family or friends, I was napping……in preparation to do those things later! Sounds crazy, but it’s true! The culture here is very laid back. Life here is more centered on family, friends and community! Everyone takes their time eating…they don’t mind walking slow…and stopping for a drink at a bar during your lunch break is perfectly acceptable!

But enough talk…let’s get to the good stuff: pictures!!

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at my time abroad…


Drinking sangria by the Rio Guadalquivir…my favorite hobby in Sevilla!

(Just kidding Mom, studying is my favorite hobby)

friends 4

Going out with the girls!!





Questioning (daily) what I was eating for lunch…


P.S. That is blood sausage in my soup & yes I tried it.


Watching Spanish Wheel of Fortune.


Getting maps drawn for us by our (very caring) host Mom on how to get to the Post Office.

(Believe it or not we followed this map and found it.

So if you got a post card, you have this map to thank)


Eating pastries.


And Churros con chocolate.


And Tapas.


And more drinking.


Going to “Mi Barrio” (a local bar) on Saturday nights with our host family!


Listening to Luis sing Sevilliano and flamenquito music at Mi Barrio.


Hanging with our host Mom & friends.


Eating Cien Monteditos (my favorite place) every Monday after a long day of classes.


Buying cheap (but really good) wine at the grocery store.


Bringing Spice Girls karaoke to Spain.


Drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day.

(Which I didn’t know Spanish people even celebrated…)


Eating Chocolate Kebab at 1:00 am during Semana Santa.

(because the city literally doesn’t sleep that entire week)


Getting overly excited about chocolate kebab at 1:00am.


Teaching our Spanish friends American drinking games.

(Except we had to play with Sangria)


Going to a barbeque at our friend’s apartment.


Watching the sunset from the roof of the apartment.


Soaking up the beautiful Sevillian weather.


Going to a neon party.


Complete with face paint, confetti & dancing.




& loving.

That’s what I was doing these past three months when I wasn’t jet-setting off each weekend.

I was eating, drinking, dancing, laughing & most importantly loving

Loving my friends, my host family & everything this beautiful city has to offer me for the past 3 months.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to live abroad and meet some of the most incredible people! My host family feels like real family to me and I love them so much, and will certainly miss them. I feel like I’ve known the friends I made here my entire life. Sevilla is a home to me now, and I can’t wait to return one day soon. This city has seen some good days, some bad, and even some crazy —but it has never let me down.