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Ciao!! I am back from my three day trip to Italia and have a lot of exciting things to share! Unfortunetaly I got sick right before we left, but that didn’t stop us from spending three days adventuring around the city each day! We flew from Seville to Rome late Tuesday evening, and after a bus, plane and another bus, we finally made it to Termini Station in downtown Rome! With the help of a map, we were able to find Hostel Mosaic, where we were staying! We had three full days in the eternal city, and flew home late Friday evening! It was an amazing trip!

Rome is many different things. It is a city filled with history & beautiful ruins, grand displays of religion, crazy moped drivers, delicious food and antiquity. I have always wanted to travel to Italy, from a very young age, so heading off to Rome was a dream come true for me! I know many members of my family were excited I had the chance to visit Italy!

We spent our three days in Rome, visiting three big things: Vatican City, the Colosseum/Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain. All three things, we visited each day we were there! I will do a separate post on our time spent in Vatican City, but for now let me talk about the other two!!


First, the Trevi Fountain…the best place to make a wish! Surprisingly, it was not what I was expecting. Movies and television make it seem different than it really is! It is beautiful and large, but the fountain is actually tucked away between many buildings. I always imagined this fountain being in an open plaza, but from where I am talking this picture, there is a building right behind me! Seems strange when you wind down some streets and stumble upon it!!



Next: The Roman Forum! It is a large area of Roman ruins right near the Colosseum!





It amazes me that the Romans could build such huge and beautiful buildings so long ago! I really like history and this is every history-lover’s dream to see it all in person!



Even though we were tired, we continued to follow the path up to the higher level of the Forum with more ruins. After walking around for a while, we came across this awesome view of the Colosseum! (Worth the hike!)


It’s amazing what you can find when you just wander!


And speaking of the Colosseum…


Now let me begin by saying, there were a couple times that I was awestruck in Rome. I experienced many different emotions at once, while visiting these beautiful sites, and one time in particular happened at the Colosseum. We first stumbled upon this once massive Roman amphitheater the first day in Rome. I was so excited just to see the Colosseum in person, I took about 30 pictures of the same side!  The second day, we came back to check it out at night. Also, very beautiful, but my camera did not do it justice! The last day, I finally went inside! Kayla actually went inside the Colosseum the first day we were there, with her friend who was visiting Rome for the day! Friday morning, I went in to check it out while she waited outside for me. Since we had a lot to do in our last day, we arrived at the Colosseum early, right as it was opening. Since I already had my ticket from visiting the Roman Forum the day before, I skipped the lines and was able to enter very quickly. I went straight to the top, to over look the whole Colosseum. It was magnificent. I had the entire place to myself for about 10 minutes before people slowly started filtering in. It was truly breathtaking. I cannot describe the feeling of being alone in this massive, old structure. I will never forget that moment.


Rome is honestly a mix between a chaotic city and old historic ruins!  The drivers are absolutely crazy, the people are loud and the streets are dirty. But sometimes, when you least expect it, you can find some peace in this bustling capital city. And that, is the best part.


Arrivederci! xoxo